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A Domain, or Domain Name, is simply the name of your website.  

All websites are uniquely identified by a set of numbers.  It is so much easier to remember a name instead of a number.  In order to do that, rather than just get allocated a set of numbers, you are assigned a name. or Domain name.     


It is possible to have a website residing on your pc or laptop at home.  
But if that was the case, no one else in the world would be able to access it.  

To get your website accessible world wide (i.e. www) you place it on servers that you rent space from.  This is known as hosting.  

At Lutterodt Web Design, I use SiteGround Hosting.  SiteGround is one of the best Shared Hosting companies worldwide.  It’s fast and secure, and has the best support.

Even if you do not have you’re website designed with me, I can still help you obtain a new domain name and hosting.  I could even help with migrating your existing website from one host to another.